I'm Luca Orio, an Italian designer based in San Francisco

My process focuses on release cycles and validation. Think, build, launch, measure. Repeat.

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Out of clutter, find simplicity

I'm passionate about lean methodology, sprints, and user validation.
I shape a product by iterating on both features and problems, day by day.


and solve


and design


and test


and learn

Every day, I refine and improve my workflow. I'm constantly mixing different methodologies, in order to get the most out of each one. Lean, Agile, Scrum, GTD… They're not dogma, just a starting point.

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Never confuse movement with action

I have twelve years' experience in the design area, eight in front-end development, seven as a touring musician, and three in managing a company. Every single background is part of a bigger picture. The know-how I learned in diverse fields can be employed interchangeably.

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Awards & Recognition

No matter the field, in the past several years my work has been awarded numerous times. When it comes to shaping a digital product, I always try to design solutions, not just a user interface.

  • Awwwards - Website of the Day x 3
  • Behance - WebdesignServed x 2
  • Abduzeedo - Website of the Week
  • PWI - Website of the Year
  • Il Sole 24 Ore - Website of the Year
  • TheWDI - Website of the Month
  • Youtube - 7M+ Views
  • Billboard - #9 Heatseekers' Chart
  • Billboard - #19 Hard Rock Chart
  • iTunes - #4 Italian Rock Chart
  • SJC - Drums Endorsement
  • Truth - Drums Endorsement

Currently, my main focus is design and management. I'm not scared of getting my hands dirty, though. Thanks to my previous background as a front-end developer, I can speak a common language with other engineers, or code a website like the one you're browsing, and spin-up a server with Node.js.

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Raised in Italy,
living in San Francisco

I moved to San Francisco because of its unique enthusiasm and possibilities in the design field. It's something I've never seen anywhere else. Living in various countries, I've come to realize that we shouldn't take those aspects for granted.

During these last years, I've had the chance to immerse myself in many different cultures. It's amazing to see how each affects behaviors and UX patterns. I love every form of design that is human centered and data inspired.

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