Cancare is an on-demand medical cannabis delivery app. The MVP, designed and developed in three months, includes a shipment real-time tracking. The App Store's strict review guidelines don't allow cannabis-related apps, so the product was directly launched on the market as a webapp, in order to test the traction and validate the idea.

Target and challenge

Cancare has a very clear target, a target that needs an extremely easy and fast to use solution. The app looks professional and distances itself from the recreational cannabis usage. Reliability was another key point: the real-time shipment tracking solves the usual shipment-related anxiety and builds trust from the first checkout.

Problems solved

After some weeks of negotiation, the founder didn't reach an agreement with the dispensaries that were supposed to be part of the project. The image below shows the impact that an issue like that would have on a normal release cycle.

Cancare Scoping Large Cancare Scoping Responsive

The founder decided to launch the app with just one partner. To differentiate the product and stand out from the competition, one month before deployment, we iterated on the already available design, to find a new, compelling feature. That's the moment we gave birth to the real-time tracking.

Cancare Flow Large Cancare Flow Responsive

This is a really clear example of how great it is to work with people who understand the importance of a loose scope. A change of plans doesn't necessarily mean harmful, uncontrolled feature creep.

Outcomes and achievements

Considering how rapidly the medical cannabis market segment is evolving, Cancare required a fast turn around. The app got to the market in just three months, and it was already winning over most competitors thanks to its usability and reliability. After a quick marketing campaign, the founders have been able to generate revenues from day one.

The main screens

Shop, categories, and search: colors, font sizes, and product listing layout were determined by running multiple A/B tests. For the listing, it turned out that a grid arrangement slightly increased the conversions, thanks to its professionally shot pictures.

Cancare Home
Cancare Categories
Cancare Search
Details and cart

The details screen shows an accurate breakdown of the effects and pathologies treated by the specific strain. Those aspects can be also filtered from the listing screen itself. These specs were crucial to highlight the medical connotations of the app.

Cancare Product
Cancare Cart
Shipment tracking, in real-time

The real-time tracking doesn't just provide the actual position of the carrier, but also a way to call the dispensary. Needless to say, the "call us" button was tapped everytime the carrier slightly modified its main route. To avoid that, a soft-alert was implemented later on.

Cancare Delivering
Cancare Map
Apple Watch tracking

Considering the limited capabilities of wearable devices, the Apple Watch app focuses solely on the tracking feature. This version was designed as a proof of concept, since the App Store doesn't allow the publishing of these kind of apps.

Cancare Dispatched
Cancare ETA
Cancare Call
Cancare Delivered


I worked on this project as a lead designer and product manager.

Main areas of responsibility:
- Management (sprint planning and weekly reviews)
- UX analysis (flows and persona)
- Design (apps and branding)
- Lo-fi prototyping (basic flow and interactions)

The final prototype

A lo-fi prototype was developed. It lacks of custom transitions and animations. By keeping it at this stage, we've been able to test the idea and assess the risk points, immediately. Would you like to have a look at it?

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